Tubing color legality

Hey I was wondering if other colors of tubing rather than black is permissible in spin up I know that in tipping point it wasn’t allowed but thought it might have changed this season

After reading the manual, it specifies that they must exactly match the products on the VEX Website.

Currently only the black tubing product code is listed, so for now only black pneumatic tubing is legal.

Did I send an email to the GDC after worlds? Yes.

Will I post another question on the Q&A when it opens? Yes.


At worlds we asked every team who did not have the black pneumatic tubing to replace it with tubing sold by VEX. So in Tipping Point only black tubing was legal and the rule in the manual hasn’t changed for Spin Up.


lets hope the gdc keeps <g3> in mind when answering this time.