Tuning PID

How do you tune PID constants?



While this will give you relevant results, If they had wanted a google search then they would have just googled it. Posting no the forums means they are specifically looking for help from VEX-related people. If you don’t know the answer to their question, don’t demean someone by acting like they don’t know how to google search.

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I actually think there are people that post on here without doing the requisite research themselves. It is useful to point remind people that there are other sources of information.


I’ve googled and looked on YouTube, and cant find a comprehensive guide to tuning

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I am surprised that you can not find PID Tuning. Here is my 5-second google. This has been posted on VEX forum numerous times. Detailed guild of what is PID, how to code and tune. Good luck.

Kinda getting tired of these type of posts. Theres a lot of PID threads out there that you should utilize, before asking a question.



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