turbo gears on motors

Do we to use turbo gears on motors to score high because i tried all kinds of regular gearing but its not fast enough?

Turbo gears alone only turn the gear ratio from 1:1 to 2.4:1, which is nowhere near fast enough to actually shoot a ball that’s being squeezed, assuming that is what you are doing, having the shooter wheel axle be connected to the motor directly.

You’re going to need to connect the motors to big gears and connect those big gears to smaller gears and then maybe do a compound gear ratio to connect those gears to even smaller gears to achieve gear ratios around larger than 25:1 or so. Many teams are using different gear ratios right now, so just make one that works well with yours after testing a few.

you can use speed motors, geared 1:21 with the 5in traction wheels and it works great

Having not seen his launcher, this could very well be wrong, maybe for you, that specific ratio can work. I would suggest actually doing some testing, for example make multiple gearboxes/modular ones so you can modify gears without hassle, and see which ones work best!

Well, there’s really no other way to make a flywheel launcher that wouldn’t work with that, really. If it’s successful with one person, it should be able to be replicated into working somehow, especially if the wheel sizes and gear ratios were given. The only difference would likely be the amount of motors on it.

It working well, however, is entirely opinion based, and that is really the reason why a team should do their own testing beforehand.

Speaking from experience, there are quite a few subtle things with flywheels to get right or wrong. Compression, method of loading etc. can have a huge impact. Good luck however!

Additionally, the ammount of wheels and whether they are vertical/horizontal makes a huge difference.

Based on what I’ve seen on our current robot, it would be smart to put high torque motors on your launchers, but put a high speed gearing. That way, you’re getting the best of both worlds to launch your balls into the goal.

Interesting, another person with vortex in their name. What is you team name?

In our experience turbos help because you can have less external gears so less external friction.

In my experience you also want horizontal flywheels spinning in the 1700-2000 RPM range and a single vertical wheel spinning in the 2700-3000 RPM range. but it is different for each specific flywheel.

But do you know the reason why a single vertical flywheel will require more speed?

Been discussed a half dozen times. Short answer
Part of the rotational energy goes into making the ball spin which means less is going into the moving the ball. In theory a double flywheel has the ball leave at the linear velocity of the wheels while a fly wheel will spin along the wheel.

Awesome thanks guys!!
Had a big step up today because of all the advices yall gave me!!:smiley:

Actually, even though you are using a high torque motor, if you gear it up for speed a bunch you will lose all your torque. It doesn’t really matter which motor you use as long as the internal motor gearing and external are inversely proportional so you get the same rpms. Its the same electrical motor powering it its just all the gearing combined. Although the internal gearing might have less friction…:rolleyes:

thought i should follow up on Mr. Vex’s statement by mentioning that all the motors are high torque. the only difference is the gearing if you change it.