Turbo Gears

Will turbo gears be able to carry a heavy load? I am building a new base because our x-drive is really slow but can carry 30 lbs. Has anyone uses turbo gearing on their base?

8059A used 6-(turbo)motor base for Singapore Vex.

No issue with stalling at all. In fact, it was a real smooth and quick drive.

Okay thanks. We have a lift and a launcher so I was worrying that too much speed may not be able to move he load.

What size wheels are you using? Your are going to have 2.4 times less torque if you are going from the stock motor. 30 pounds is a lot to move with 4 turbo motors unless you using 2.75" wheels. Have you tried High speed (1.6x) gearing first?

Well maybe not 30, but about 18 lbs. Yes I have an x-drive with 2.75" wheels