Turbo motors

So here is my question for you guys:

How much weight can 4 turbo motors connected directly into the base hold without eventually overheating in a match?

My team is trying to implement this feature on our robot, but previously the motors just blocked down

Any details on this? What other features affect the motors?

Thank you all so much for the help

Well, that’s extremely dependent on wheel size (smaller wheels = heavier robot, slower movement). My team uses 3.25" wheels, and they work fine. We are very fast, but we lose pushing matches (to be expected). Also, our robot is pretty light, so we need less torque. If your robot, say, has a heavy lift and pneumatics on it, it would probably be too heavy, and you would be better off with speed motors on larger wheels.

Thanks for answering so fast!
Now, how much does your robot weight in order to be able to use those turbo motors, we have a 4th robot in coming and I would like to implement this feature since one of the key aspects of NbN is movility.
What is literally “The perfect weight” to be able to use this motors in a light robot
And yes, we are using 3.25" wheels.
Thanks again

I haven’t weighed our robot, but I would put it at around 15 pounds based on just ferrying it around competitions. As for the “perfect weight”, I am not sure. This robot is the first one we have used turbo motors and 3.25" wheels on, but it is definitely significantly faster than our usual 4 speed motors and 4" wheels. In fact, we are fast enough to do wheelies when our driver switches from full power forward to full power reverse. Surprisingly, we haven’t broken any drive motors yet, even though he really likes wheelies.

For turbo or faster on 3" omnis: we have a few robots in my area at around 10pounds for very fast, and one at about 15-17 pounds for medium speed.