Turbo Motors

Can someone explain turbo motors to me, I have heard the term and am not sure if they are legal.

or not

“Turbo motors” means that you just changed the internal gear of a regular 393 motor from 1:1 (or 1.6:1 if it had high speed gearing) to 2.4:1. You can buy turbo gears here(they don’t come with the motors): https://www.vexrobotics.com/motors.html. They are legal as they are made by vex.

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Are there any tutorials on how to replace gears inside of motors?

This is a helpful video

Thank you

Just ask me next time :smile:

anything vex sells on their website is legal

Not true :wink:

VexPro and VexIQ parts are illegal in EDR and they are sold on Vex’s website.

But I’m pretty sure that’s what you meant.

VEX also sells EDR stuff that isn’t legal.

like what?

The camera is not allowed in a competition and is discontinued. There are a few other products as well that are not allowed.

FWIW unless I’m doing something ‘flywheeled’ the ‘high-speed’ gears that come with each motor are great, free option. All the speed I’ve needed (to dte) & sometimes overkill!!