Turbo vs. High Speed Motors

Sooooo, we have been having issues with our flywheel shooting far enough. Originally, we had a 25:1 gear ratio for a double flywheel with 2 layers of gears. We used 2 regular 393 motors for the entire shooting device and it only shot about halfway across the field. Would using 4 motors instead of 2 increase the distance because it would reduce the stress being placed on 2 motors? Also, we tried gearing the 393 motors to high speed and now the flywheel doesn’t move very well. I am guessing this is because this caused a reduction in torque. Do turbo motors have more torque than high speed motors? I wanted to make sure before I ordered them!!! From what I read, a 25:1 gear ratio with regular motors should be shooting far enough. Maybe using 4 instead of 2 motors will help???

You might want to check how much the ball is being compressed when it goes to shoot. If it’s not getting compressed enough, not as much energy will be transferred to the ball.

Also make sure you don’t have much friction. Check your shafts to make sure they aren’t bent, check to make sure all of your bearings are aligned properly, and possibly eventually add some lubricant to the gears or bearings.

Using 4 motors might increase your distance slightly, but unless your motors are already working near their stall torque because of the gear ratio, you’re not actually going to get much more of an increase on your flywheel speed unless you change the gear ratio. I’m not sure if you would want to change your gear ratio or not and use 4 motors. You might want to look at some other threads and see what gear ratios are working for other people.

No, turbo motors output less torque but are able to spin at a higher speed than both normal 393 motors and high speed 393 motors.

Thank you so much for your advice! We will check that out. The shafts seem to bend very easily.

it is possible to get full court shooting with only two motors, one of the teams at our school did it, however the shooter died after about 30 seconds, using 4 motors would definitely help, also try to address all friction issues if you can

No problem! A good way to check might be to lay them on a surface you are 100% sure is flat and make sure each face of the shaft is completely touching the surface. Take care in building too that you don’t bend the shafts. For my team’s robot, you could almost say that I’m paranoid that our shafts will bend.

You might want to watch out to make sure you don’t over compress the balls though. Over compression could have pretty detrimental effects on your flywheels range, not to mention it could also damage the balls.

Indeed. There’s definitely a sweet spot that works best. Too much compression will actually slow down and, as you said, damage the ball, but if the ball is not compressed enough, the results won’t be good either.

You need 4 motors for this, 2 393 will not operate with this kind of stress, its an easy ix tho