Turn left right motor continuos rotation

:confused: Ok i am very new to Vex and so far it is very cool. But the robot i am building i need to have the turn left and right on one stick be a continuos rotation. right now when you turn left or right it only goes so far and then stops. Any help would be great i looked through the book and could not find it. anyone? thanks

Have you looked at the Description of “Drive Mode 12” in the Inventer’s Guide??

I did and tried it but did not do what i was looking for. But i will try it again.

did you try extending the attenna???
oh yeah and you use the 1 and 2 slots not 2 and 3
that is probably your problem:)

No i am not using the antenna i am going thru the Tether as the robot i am building is going to be tether controled. I am building a ROV and a tether is required. As for the controls i some how got the 1 and 2 channels to continuosly rotate but now i cannot get channels 3 and 4 to do the same. I need channels 1,2,3, and 4 continuos rotation. Anyone with any thoughts i spent all after noon looking at this and the inventors guide with no luck, Anyone?


This Kit is great i have learned alot and am amazed!!!

ever used the jumper wire on jumper port 16???
to enable 4-wheel 12-mode:confused:
easilly saw it on page 7.13 in the logic section
also look on pg. 7.12 motor port 7 and 8 are used for the back wheels not motor port 3 and 4

i tried it but i dont think some of the things i am doing is working the way it is supposed to. It must be the newbie in me. Let me go back and try it.

What are the motor # and the jumper # numbers???:confused:
just post the 4 motors’ port #'s and the jumper in its port #
then I will tell you the problem

ya just tried it and it did do what i was looking for so back to the drawing board.

Did or didn’t???:confused:

ok i am just using three motors. in motor port 1,2,3. 1 and 2 do what i want and that is when i press the right stick forward one motor goes forward when i press reverse that same motor goes in reverse. When i turn right or left the motor in port 2 continously turns left or right. Those 2 are fine i need them like that. It is motor port three giving me the problem. I need to press the left stick forward and reverse i need it to continously turn in either forward or reverse depending on stick position. Sorry for being a pain and please if i am bothering anyone please tell me i will go else where.
I am not using any jumpres.

it’s okay I am very bored;)

okay well then…do you have the programing easy c?:confused:

Sorry didn’t

no i don;t have the programming c. Is that what i need to continue with this?

okay…well hope you can get it to work:):o:(:confused::eek:

Are you sure that you have a Motor and not a Servo??? What happens if you take the motor in Port #3 and move it to Port #1 or #2 and try Channel #1 or #2, does it spin continously???

A servo will do the action you are describing… (See links below for Which Channels control Which Motors, and their rotational direction)

You are using the Default Vex Code that came with your Vex because you don’t have the programming kit???

If your Transmitter is in Mode 23 (See Page 6-7 through 6-9 in the Inventor’s Guide, Chap 6 for the explanation of these Modes) Look at page E-1 in the Appendix of the Inventor’s Guide.

If your Transmitter is in Mode 12 (See Page 6-7 through 6-9 in the Inventor’s Guide, Chap 6 for the explanation of these Modes) Look at page E-3 in the Appendix of the Inventor’s Guide.

Servo Modules will “turn” the opposit way of Motors.

Ok thanks everbody I was able to find out what was going on and correct it thanks everyone again!

So, what was the issue…

the issue was that i did not read the bottom of the motors and servos. And did not relize they were marked motor or servo. So i am a moron and jumped the gun and cried for help. Sorry for crying wolf. and thanks for helping me out!