Turn to heading missing in VEXcode V5 Blocks for Chromebooks?

I can’t seem to find the turn to heading block in VEXcode V5 Blocks. I’ve checked in the drivetrain category of blocks and in the motion category and I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I think it might just be the Chromebook version because, from what I understand, it is missing features that are in the Windows/Mac version. Is there a workaround to the turn to heading block I could use?

Looks like the “turn to heading” and “turn to rotation” blocks are only there if your drivetrain object has a gyro/inertial sensor configured.

As far as I’m aware VEXcode does not have any blocks that are available on some platforms but not others.

I do have the inertial sensor configured.

As part of the drivetrain, or as a separate device?

I just checked, both are there.

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It’s a separate device

Ah, that’ll do it – the “turn to heading” block will only appear if the inertial sensor is configured as part of the drivetrain.


Thank you! I’m can’t currently test it, but I’ll be sure to try it when I can.

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Yep, it worked! Thanks again!