Turn to rotation vs turn (left/right)

What’s the difference between these two blocks? the online help didn’t help.

“Turn right for 90 degrees” is relative – it will turn the robot 90 degrees right, starting from whatever direction it’s facing when the program reaches that block.

“Turn to rotation 90 degrees” is absolute – it will turn the robot in whichever direction and amount is necessary to end up facing 90 degrees right of the direction it was facing at the start of the program.


Then what’s the difference between “turn to rotation” and “turn to heading”?

When the robot rotates through 360 degrees, the heading resets to 0 but the rotation does not.

So starting from the beginning of the program, “turn to heading 450 degrees” would cause the robot to turn 90 degrees right (360 + 90 = 450), but “turn to rotation 450 degrees” would cause the robot to turn 450 degrees right.


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