Turn Velocity Not Working


So im using vex code blocks and when I change my turn velocity it does not actually change anything. Im pretty sure this is all you do. (attached picture) Am I doing something wrong?Screenshot 2021-02-06 at 8.56.59 AM

You’d set that first, then actually turn afterwards using a turn command. That block only changes the speed of a turn command but in itself, doesn’t actually turn the robot.

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Hi, yes I know. When I set that and go into the program it turns the same speed as before. I do have the controller added.

Can you post your whole program please?

Ahhh this affects autonomous commands, not controller inputs.

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Is there something I have to do to have it affect controller inputs? Changing Motor Velocity, and Torque works fine.

If you are using the joysticks via the controller configuration, the velocity is governed by the position of the joystick. The centre is 0% and full deflection one way or the other equates to 100% or -100%.

You can handle all this in code rather than using the controller configuration under Devices. Can you decribe what it is you are trying to achieve and I can then make some suggestions about how to implement it.

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