Turning Issues

Hey, is it normal to have problems turning the robot about a point while using 269 motors? I am currently using one on each side of a four wheel drive robot. Is it that they are not able to supply enough torque or something? The 269s are just stalling whenever I put it to spin about a point

If you are using no omni wheels you will have this issue. Use at least 2-4 omnis on what ever drive train you have and that should solve the issue. :slight_smile:

whats the drive ratio?
what size wheels?

Hey thanks for the advice.

Well I was using the 4" traction wheels. But I guess I just figured out that there was indeed too much friction caused by them. So I took off the rubber casing. So its just the plastic wheel now and it spins. My gear ratio is 5:3:1 right now.

if you have omni wheels, they would preform better
but plastic wheels will do just fine

That is a non-standard format for a gear ratio, so we don’t know what it means. Try browsing some other robot reveal posts to figure out how to describe your robot in a way that other people will understand.

It’s a 5:1 gear ratio.

geared for speed or torque? cause that is a crazy ratio for speed and you will brown out your motors very quickly

Well I changed the gear ratio to 5:3 now. Is that still not suitable?

Correct, One 269 motor on each side is not suitable for 60t driving 36t on 4" wheels.

I wouldn’t say that for sure, it depends on the weight of the robot. If it’s basically just wheels and a frame it might still work ok. It would never work on a competition robot because those are heavy and have to deal with rough driving and interaction with other robots, but I think you could carry the weight of a small chassis and four wheels on two 269s at 3:5.

I’ve seen people build a robot on two 269s and 4" wheels that was 1:3 before, and while it didn’t accelerate all that quickly it was perfectly happy once it had started moving.