Turning off Controller in Autonomous


I was just wondering, if a robot runs into trouble during autonomous (E.G. runs into a wall/pillar but still runs the drive motors at speed) can we turn off the controller to stop it? We’ve had problems with the circuit breakers tripping during autonomous because of this, and if we were allowed to turn off the controller, this would have helped greatly.



I would not recommend this procedure, as some master code versions (now outdated) of the Cortex do not continue “search mode” after a power outage.

This means you could lose VEXnet communication until you power cycle the whole system.


Thank you Eli!

now to figure out which one of us I just thanked … :stuck_out_tongue:


Not a problem.
Let me stress that I don’t recommend it, just because there are many teams that are not running the latest version of the Master Code.
However if you are running the latest version, then your system should link even after a power outage.