Turning on V5 Reversed

About half of my students are having a problem with turning left and right since updating their V5 robots. When the press the right turn on the controller, the robot turns left. When the press the left turn on the controller, the robot turns right. We have tried the following:

  1. Sorting through posts looking for a solution
  2. Swapping cable to motors and into the brain (not simultaneously)
  3. Deleting programs off the brain
  4. Resetting to factory defaults
  5. Trying to remap the controller, which doesn’t appear to be working

Any advice/help is greatly appreciated.


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As for the motors, (I’m going to assume your students are coding the joysticks) Have they tried reconfiguring the motors on the code when setting up the motors. The direction of the motors may be messed up.

This is from VEX on how to reconfigure the motors (works for text as well)


Are you using the built-in driver control program?

Which one of your drive motors has to spin counterclockwise (when looking at it from the back of the motor, opposite the axle hole) for the robot to go forward?

Is straight driving also reversed?

Straight driving is not reversed. Can you please clarify what you mean by spinning counter clockwise? I think the problem might be how the controller is configured. I press the left side of the joystick, and the robot turns right. I press the right side of it ,and the robot turns left.

My students have tried to reconfigure without success. I am trying to configure one of my robots, but I am having other issues. Do you have any suggestions for how to reconfigure the motors?

It sounds to me like you are using the factory default program on the brain. If that is the case and the robot is reversing the turns then I would flip the ports from the motors to the brain.

The factory program has either joystick tank or arcade control using motors on ports 1, 2, 9 and 10 along with buttons controlling motors on ports 3, 8, 13 and 18.

If I am correct with the factory settings and you want to program the brain then download the code here: VexCode Blocks and I would start with the Blocks version as most students are familiar with Scratch programming.


When you open the code, and it has you set the motors to the ports

Make sure the arrows are facing the same way as the motors on the bot. This can be changed by the toggle at the bottom.

Hope this helps. This is the same thing that happened to me last year, and making sure it was the same as the motors on the bot helped. Let me know if you need the same demonstration in VEXtext.


If you are using the build in program called drive, there should be an option on the brain to reverse steering. If that doesn’t work, try swapping the motor ports. Hope this helps :))

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Are the wheels being driven by gears or direct motor in to wheel axle/chain?

Since no one else asked, what did you all update ?