Turning Pid problem

When I call my function turn Pid it does what I say for turning but turns back to its organically position and continues with the rest of the code I can’t figure out what is wrong

A few things I see wrong here with the PID it may fix the issue.

  1. Error should be: error = target - (currentpos - start deg)
    -Even though you reset rotation it could be a little off so its safer to do that
  2. What you set as your condition for the while loop is okay, but personally I just use abs(error) > (value)
  3. turnpdpower should equal (errorkp)-(derivkd)

How would I code the startind deg

@jetstream120 it did not fix the problem

Interesting…can you send a video of what its doing?

i fixed it was how I had programmed the while loop

I am trying to learn turning PID could you tell me what was wrong with your while statement

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This is a helpful tutorial.

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