Turning Point Autonomous

What do you think auton will look like in Turning point

With the knowledge that the new V5 motors will have encoders built-in, I expect to see more complex and accurate autons this season. I think we could expect some scoring of caps and maybe even some flag scoring (and platform parking, of course).

I think we aren’t going to see many turning of flags in auton because of the weird positions of balls

In the early game i’m expecting some sort of simple auton to flip the low flag.

I feel like some teams might be able to take on the challenge, but we’ll have to see. Since robots are not allowed to cross the field in auton, the most points can be scored by shooting the flags (since only half of the caps are available on any given side of the field). I’m eager to see who can take advantage of this.

Or they could use the preload to shoot a high flag at the start of the match.

I think it’s possible to have an early season bot with a launcher for the balls and a flipper for the tilted caps. The auton would only have to use the launcher once (high flag), and then go ram into the neutral cap to score it. Only needs encoders, at that point.

Go for as many caps as you can and then park or if your alliance partner can park than just go for more caps.

Well, if you do the math on auton scoring, with the auton bonus (obviously) and center parking out of the window (at least until the end of the match itself), it only takes 17 points to win autonomous (because there’s a maximum of 32 points up for grabs in autonomous).

This game is like Starstruck in that it’s, as I call it, a “partial zero-sum” game, where for the most part, one alliance’s gains are more or less the other alliance’s losses, so 17 is a solid number to shoot for in autonomous. There are some gimmies at the beginning of autonomous, such as the caps on your side of the field that are oriented for your side and are propped up by balls. For those you just need to remove the balls to officially score those caps for your side. There are flags that are toggled for your side that are on the other of the field, out of reach except by ball, but their position means they likely will get toggled by the other alliance, so it’s assumed that they will be toggled against you eventually.

My guess would be that the flags would be a valuable way to go, as the flags that can be reached easily (the middle and your alliance’s side columns of flags) are worth 10 points total, over half of the path to 17. While getting 17 points in autonomous by yourself seems unlikely due to the 15 second period, 10 points via the flags would help a long way.

I could actually see people getting the high flags in addition to the low flags if the use the corner of the field and walls to position themselves to be able to accurately shoot the high flags.

Even so, I could possibly see first teams scoring using caps then shooting at the high flags.

I got a technical max of 41 points. 12 from all 4 robots alliance parked, 14 from caps, and 15 from flags. It’s extremely unlikely (i.e. it will never happen) but its still technically possible. But the rest of the post still holds.
I’d say a reasonable score to guarantee an autonomous win is 18 points because there is a max of 35 points if only 1 robot per alliance parks; however, just because your alliance can get that many points doesn’t mean you will end autonomous with that many points, as your opponents could counter the flags.
I also think an important strategy will be targeting the objects that are already scored for your opponents because those are worth effectively twice as much.

I just felt like caps are easier to score using autonomous, I think people definitely will go for high balls during auton. I’m also worried you could accidentally toggle one that’s already your color and lose auton.

yours are on the other side of the field but recoil from hitting one of theirs or the middle ones is definitely possible

this should be able to be eliminated by practice and test runs tho

I don’t think it’s going to be that bad seeing as how you don’t have to face your bot a certain way on the starting tiles and then using your preload to hit a high flag.

As for using any other balls, I understand how that would be an awkward situation to play with.

Lots will just park. I think the good ones will shoot a ball, collect one or two balls, then score them. Either this or put a cap on the pole

a cap on the pole, then park

Shoot a high flag. Drive to flip a low one. Then park might still be simple enough.


Think about it. Flywheel spins, ball gets released. Robot drives forward to the low flag. robot turns slightly and goes backwards for parking

and with the 8-motor drive you challenged me to make, I could go center park ez-pz