Turning Point Ball Launcher

Flywheel or slip gear puncher for shooting the balls in Turning Point? What do you think?

slip gear are great but not for multiple heights
my intuition says flywheel but that requires a lot of tuning and space
this year could be one heck of a build off
Also it depends on motor allocation and how many v5 you are allowed vs how many 393 and how many motor functions you need … here goes nothing

You are allowed 8 v5 motors with no pneumatics it 6 with pneumatics.

Take a look at this chart from the game manual
Screenshot (16).png

I would recommend single flywheel. they are fast and consistent

A 2 position catapult of some sort wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

It depends on V5 vs cortex. I think a single flywheel is better with v5

Yeah I agree, now we have to specify if we are talking about cortex or V5 :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are in America I would reccoment V5. It will be cheap enough since you are a returning team(I am assuming because you are already planning) also most things I am assuming you could do with half the motors.

I’m thinking of a slip gear because the balls are hard plastic. Flywheels are probably ok for the soft and squishy NBN balls, but im not sure how they would be implemented with hard plastic TP balls.

A pneumatic puncher may be viable, especially if you’re using pneumatics for other things

I like that idea, but im not sure how it would be implemented.

Baseballs aren’t that squishy, but they use flywheels. You can make the flywheel surface squishier to make up for lack of squishiness in the ball.

@callen good idea. Didnt think of that

Just for brainstorming, our mentor mentioned that we could use a catapult

Those little indents on the caps can be used to hold the ball and then use the cap as sort of the end of the catapult to launch the balls
As much as that sounds cool, the meta is gonna be 1 motor flywheel

launch the cap with balls on it at the flags :^)

Just don’t let the cap hit the flag. That would violate SG7a.

i like the slipgear option, just because they’re compact. Height can be adjusted with distance, too, if you know your trajectories.

Did anyone get hands on with the flags? I feel like so much of this depends on how hard it it to detent the flags and/or reverse them. That and how heavy the balls are.