turning point ball launcher

does anyone know a good alternative to the ball launcher for the turning point competition.

What do you mean by alternative? What do you consider the standard, and generally there are three types of launcher, flywheel, catapult, and linear puncher, all of which are easily found here on the forums.

Trebuchets will be the meta mark my words. You will thank me later in the season.

Then it’ll be ballistas.

To elaborate on @9065_Parker 's Flywheel, puncher and catapult, think of these.
A flywheel is just a wheel that spins really fast. When a ball goes through a chute of some sort, it comes in contact with the wheel and shoots out of the chute super fast.
Catapult is literally what the name says.
A puncher is a mechanism that winds up to store potential energy, and then using a slip gear or a nautilus gear, releases it to, well, punch the ball with enough force to send it out.
Hope this helps!

I will be disappointed if I don’t see a gatling gun of some sort by the end of this year.

Like everyone else, I am confused by the question. By “alternative,” do you mean options besides shooting? A couple of my sister teams are only focusing on caps (at least for awhile) and I think they’ll be competitive enough.

If your question is regarding specifically options to shoot, then I think that you can find what you’re looking for through other posts, and across Google. Nothing But Net, a game from a couple of years ago, had a lot of really good shooters. There are also a lot of teams that already have their robots built for the season, and as Wiredcat Robotics pointed out, there seem to be some leading designs.

Trebuchets are fixed arm catapults that use a counterweight, so I would identify them as one of the standard three (catapult, puncher, flywheel)

Slingshots/ballistas are not one of the three listed, as they involve only the movement of the elastics and not an arm or a puncher. They are mostly ignored.

Flippers/flickers are a weird variant of a catapult where the arm of the catapult is flexible and as the arm is forced to bend, it builds up and then releases potential energy.

Pneumatic cannons are… well out of the question.

Theres also a sling-a-pult like you would see in a game of jai alai.

… maybe some other type of soap-slipping-out-of-your-hand style pressure based launcher is a possible terrible idea.

Uh… electrostatic ionizing repulsion system using a vandegraff generator made from… yeah nevermind.

You could also combine the catapult and the puncher to make a launcher that sort of acts as a tennis racket to hit the ball. This is what we’ve been using, and it’s pretty effective. Some pros are that we only need one motor on the launcher, and can shoot almost immediately with only about .5 - 1 second to reload. The energy transfer to the ball is pretty good that we only need a couple loops of the surgical tubing, which has never needed to be replaced. It is also very accurate and adjustable, allowing us to out-cycle pretty much every other bot at our tournament. It is also much easier to build than any other type of launcher, and is super simple to code, unlike flywheels which need PID to be accurate, at least without V5. Some cons are that it takes up a lot of space, cannot shoot the ball in multiple arcs without some magic with the slip-gear, and the ball has to loaded pretty high on the bot, leading to a large intake system.

…are they, though?
VEXU could get creative…

There isn’t really anything more efficient than a weighted fly wheel. If there was people would have probably done that during NBN

well my trouble is building it more efficient, i mostly need ideas on how to properly build it

This statement is not true at all.

You can build a 1 v5 motor launcher and if you weigh the flywheel you will be able to make two consecutive shots no problem. You can try to brainstorm but that will probably be what will be the meta

probably but for NBN a flywheel was what won worlds. This year a catapult could work because there isn’t a need for a high rate of fire.

There are so many reasons and factors that will affect a team winning.
Just by purely looking at who won worlds that season is not going to give you the correct analysis.

Edit: and this is coming from a team that popularised single flywheel in Vex.

If the question is about efficiency, then we need to define what makes it efficient.

In rate of fire, I agree that a flywheel is probably the most efficient.

If it’s accuracy that we’re discussing, a flywheel is very accurate, but can be difficult to make so. A linear puncher and catapult are probably the easiest to build with accuracy in mind.

But, we need to define efficiency to help you. What did you have in mind?

If it is purely on rate of firing, then multiple-ball catapult will win.

no doubt, but variable ranges are something to take into account as well. It all depends on what your flywheel and catapult are geared for. If a flywheel and catapult are geared for similar ranges, then you’d have a close match, because most of the flywheels we see now are geared to be able to shoot full court, if you halved the gear ratio, you could could get some really impressive fire rates. But again, a multi ball catapult has alot of advantages on its side.