Turning Point: Expanding Horizontally

Hello all,
I was reading the turning point game manual and saw the rules for expansion. I was really intrigued by line b. of SG2 when it states that no horizontal dimension can exceed 36". Does this mean we can expand horizontally to some extent? I’m a bit confused.

ooh interesting… I don’t know.

Yeah, it does! having mechanisms that fold out (such as a claw) are a way to stay within the 18x18x18 starting limit, but also improve functionality in matches.

Same as the rules for In The Zone. You have to start in a 18x18x18 inch cube, but once the match begins you can expand, as long as no horizontal dimension is greater than 36". As in the game manual, this is no restriction on where you can expand horizontally, unlike height

Oh ok thanks! It’s just that I read somewhere else where you can’t expand horizontally and got confused, that’s all! :slight_smile: