Turning Point Field Monitor Location

When I was reading the field assembly instructions, I saw that the recommended location of the monitor is in the blue alliance area. If the monitor is placed pointing away from the blue alliance, how is the blue alliance expected to see match information?

I think the recommended location is terrible, but the best that can be done using the field mount, since putting the monitor in the middle would block the audience’s view of the parking areas.

I would say the best place for field monitors is not mounted to the field, but rather centered between both alliance stations either behind the net or level with the field on the side of the expansion area.

The screen may just get placed behind the net. I wont be sure how that will work out until I receive the game kit.

I can understand the placing of the monitor to not obstruct audience view. It is a recommendation they make.

I am fortunate that our tournament layout will allow us to place the monitor in the middle. We have four fields in a big V in our large gym, giant screen in the middle with TM ops behind and bleachers for the audience so they will be high enough off the ground that for the most part they can see over the monitor in most cases (I am guessing)…

Maybe we can have the V5 robots have count downs on their displays :slight_smile:

This is a very good idea, but display it on the controller for better viewing. I will probably do that regardless of the monitors. Is would be visible all the time then.

I will still have monitors for Cortex teams :slight_smile:

I was thinking about this yesterday when I first read the appendix. Field monitors have always been nice for teams to have at our events(especially since our audience display is on a screen behind the fields). I hope event partners choose to continue using them.

I would’ve thought the perfect placement would’ve been the middle of the field (like Starstruck). This may still be possible since the appendix states it’s a “recommended location.”

I plan to continue using them. I was thinking that it may be possible for a robot to strike a display and could effect match play. This is probably unlikly though. I may just set the monitor on a chair or box.
I only see monitors obstructing the view on elevated fields(which we don’t use). I won’t know until we receive field pieces.

This may also be the case but I have yet to see comp control working on v5s

In my opinion, the monitors should rathermore be held above the nets in the middle. Also, V4 is still allowed this year, so only allowing teams with V5 to see the time is not exactly fair.

I suspect we will continue to use them as well. We put plexiglass coverings over our monitors to prevent them from being scratched during match play. It’s simple to do (I’ll see if I can find a picture) and relatively cost effective. I’m not sure where we’ll put it for our tournaments yet. In all honesty, I hadn’t thought about the obstructed view from the crowd perspective…that’s a good point (our fields are elevated 12-24 inches from our competition floor.

@VEX GDC is there an official word on this? Just curious, as the current setup instructions make it hard for the blue alliance to see the remaining time. Thanks.

You can always just not mount the monitor to the field.

If you want an official response to the field mounting location, you need to post in the Official Q&A.

As for me, I stick with the Old Ways, and use a projector with large screen instead of field monitors. I believe that providing the audience with a clear view is important, and field monitors nearly always get in the way of some (or all) of the best action. Don’t even ask me how I feel about field crew and spectators that stand in front of a field during a match…