Turning Point Ideas

So, It’s about time someone started an idea thread, so, does anyone have any ideas for what we are going to see in this new game?

Personally, I think one of the hardest things will be grabbing the caps, as the way they can lay on the field varies a lot. We can’t have a design similar to a motor lift, since the cap isn’ Always resting on the core.

I think specialization is key. With access to only 8 v5 motors (or 6 v5 motors and 2 pneumatic actuators), it will probably be very difficult to collect and shoot balls while still maintaining the capability of grabbing, lifting, and turning caps.

True. Although I don’t think I’ll have acces to v5 this year.

While I understand where you’re coming from, I think that the best teams will be those that can do everything very well, just like every other season. I think this because every type of object is evenly split. If you can’t turn the caps, you are in as big of a loss as you would be if you couldn’t control the flags.

2 pneumatic actuators is limiting thinking. We are allowed infinite pneumatic actuators, but only 2 pneumatic reservoirs. Pneumatics might get more relevant in the coming years with transmissions and clutches in robots.

I think if you go with a passive fork you are good for grabbing. Possibly attached to a scissor lift.

We’re (probably) doing a rotating thing similar to a mg lift.

the ball launcher’s gonna be a nice challenge for me, as I wasn’t around for nbn this will be my first flywheel year.

If you look in the appendices on the vex website, the caps only weigh 335 grams, and the ball only weighs 55 grams
VRC 2018-2019 - Appendix A.pdf (2.77 MB)

I really want to know what the balls are made out of, maybe a luncher…

yeah, they’re quite light. the balls are hard plastic I believe. same material as the cones this year I think? about the size of a golf ball, maybe a bit bigger?

about twice the size of a golf ball, 3 inch diameter

3" in diameter is just a little bigger than a baseball.

How would you intake your balls? The conveyor system like in nbn might be too big.

Maybe, maybe not. Or you could do a catapult

ah they look smaller in the video. thanks.

probably a spinning intake near the floor on the back that sort of vacuums it up might be good.

If you’re in VEX U (which the vast majority of us are not), since there’s two robots to play with per team, one can be a ball launcher and the other can handle the caps. That would make things less complicated for us college kids.

For those in High school:
If I remember correctly from the livestreams, at Worlds, 62A had a robot that had its stacking mechanism on one side and was narrow, instead of a middle and bulky stacking mechanism like the majority of us did. Perhaps a team can do that and make room for a ball launcher with the extra space.

I think I’ll try for a linear elevator on the front, and a ball intake on the back probably.

Don’t forget that you can only posess 2 balls at once.