Turning Point Lift

What type of lift would be able to get caps on poles and score efficiently but also be light and have enough room for a flywheel or a linear punch??

I would build a half flywheel, and half claw bot lift. (Since the lower posts are only 20" high)
That is, left half of the robot would be the Fly wheel, and the other is the claw bot lift.
From the way i’m planning my design, I’m portioning out my robot with different functions, even with the V5 System.

I am personally planning to use a puncher and a cascade lift, but what you use is entirely up to you. However, I would not suggest a clawbot lift because it rotates as it lifts, which would make placing the caps on the poles more difficult than it needs to be. Ideally the lift would be linear as well (moves only vertically, not horizontaly) because that would make placement even easier. But again, use what feels right to you.

I’m doing a Cascade and vertical flywheel

I would not be using V5 this year so how could i make a fly wheel with the least amount of motors possible? And having a half claw bot lift on one side alone i would be scared of all the weight on that one side.

I would have a 3 motor fly wheel, that’s what we had in NBN. Have the lift at the back, that might balance it

@224x I saw on one of the vex fourm posts you said you made that one cascade lift without spacers and sliders could you maybe show me some pictures of how you did that.

I would use a simple 4 or 6 bar for early season and then transition to a cascade lift later in the season. This would also allow for a flywheel/puncher in the back to shoot at the flags with.

I’m seeing a lot about Cascade lifts on here. While I love the change of pace, I think we are repeating history again. You don’t really need a full linear lift in my opinion. Everyone always thinks we do and plan on building them, then they lose to a team that just has a simple 4-bar. Examples of this are in Skyrise and Toss Up. I would get a simple 4-bar working 1st then think about other things.

You can’t fit a dr4b on a 20x20 chasis :slight_smile:

Sure you can.


That will reach the high pole and won’t topple over and that can center park.

A DR4B doesn’t have to have the giant dimensions that it did this/last (ITZ) year. It could be easily compacted and demonstrated. Bet.

I checked and it has to be at least 25 to reach the high poles

…that’s a little over two feet. A full DR4B could almost hit 5.

At least in our case.

But can’t fit on a 20x20 chasis

Why not? That’s 10"x10". Plenty of space. Assuming you are saying 20 hole.

Yeah, 20 holes. I just think that a Cascade lift is a much more efficient use of space