Turning Point Memes


I haven’t seen any memes on Turning Point and im sorta disappointed.
You guys have any?


I like to call the caps buff waffles


why is the game not a water game “I want a freakin water game this year.”


something something coins and octogons


250 Fils coins are octagons
caps --> Fils


caps = fidget spinner


Well, at least we all made it to the Turning Point guys.

I haven’t seen anything yet.


Did you know that in internal drafts of the Turning Point game rules robots were not supposed to extend vertically at all?

Caps were called flying saucers and you were supposed to spin-stabilize them and launch onto the posts.


I bet there’s gonna be a meme where you balance a cap on it’s side while on top of a post. kind of like the balancing a mogo on a high goal thing.


I bet there will be a water game… better get my umbrella.
That’s the new meme.


waffle intake


I’m going to use the proper names in a technical setting, but I like the idea of calling the caps waffles




Low-key gonna call my waffle intake a spatula


Made these last year and I made them again.
im a ball.png
im a cap.png


Mind if I use that as a decal on my robot?


I’m a ball, I’m a cap, I’m a ball link
Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 1.54.15 PM.png


Dont mind at all!


give me your memes. I need the memes.


If the caps are waffles are the balls then syrup?