Turning Point Memes



Whenever someone i’m talking too asks “what’s a cap?” i simply say: “well my friend, it’s a octangular prism with a cylindrical extrusion on each side.” this comment is often met with a long, confused look as they attempt to visualize my perfectly-accurate description.


Oh my god this is perfection


So we were passing around yearbooks and there were slots for email and phone contact info and everybody was like “just put your social media instead of your email” and I was so tempted to ask “Do you want my Vex forum?”



“Why go to VEX Competitions when you can experience important variables outside your control from the comfort of your home?”


Drow is typing


I tested the caps and balls and they float… so why isn’t it a water game?




My memelord Kent back at is again


Instead of fighting over bo1 vs bo3 let’s compromise and use a bo2 system.


Balance a cap on a high flag, and then balance à ball on the cap!

(The accent on the A was a typo from lag on my tablet, but I left it in.)


Here’s an idea: Bo45. One day with five matches for each team and alliance selection, followed by 4 weeks of 80 elimination matches a day. (Basically a reverse league.)


B a t t l e. R o y a l e.

All that needs to be said


So many batteries- but it could be fun though




If there is ever a tie, the referee should flip a cap to see who wins.


Flip a ball instead.

“Yellow Alliance wins the match!”


but what happens if the ball lands on its side