Turning Point Memes


I guess it always lands on its side


(Yes I know I haven’t gone to a competition yet it’s just a meme)


Credit to @Alumination Robotics for this meme:


What a unique and never-seen-before meme


another star wars meme.
Death Star Vex Meme.jpg


This one is probably relatable for everyone that was at worlds this past year :stuck_out_tongue:
Unlucky in Kentucky.png


My teammate handed me an uncharged battery to put on my robot right before the match, and my lift didn’t work :frowning: rip


Gotta say, the best meme so far for me is V5 minesweeper


Sorry about the aspect ratio I still blame my software being dumb.



When Time Stood Still - “shipping in 8 weeks”









How is that a meme? They’re pretty good.


the vertical cap, they said it would never happen


Oh haha I thought you were roasting 9364C, I get it I guess


nah lol, the cap never fully entered the screen and I wanted to get the bot in to show that it was in an actual competition


I think a little 9364C roast would be healthy