Turning Point Memes


mine can launch a ball onto the roof of our 2-story school.


And you know this… why?


was attempting to launch a ball up to my friend on the balcony, but overshot a wee bit.


I’m in need of a ball. Can you just add some rubber bands and point it towards Ohio?


sure, want a cap with that? it can load and fire caps too, if we want to for whatever reason.


now you just have to launch a cap onto a post


hmm with a few more rubber bands I probably could…


I should actually clarify this so DRow doesn’t suspend me :stuck_out_tongue:

Guys and girls can both throw balls onto roofs (and they can both strike me out, flashbacks to park league). This is specifically a Jason Morella meme because he gave a really unpopular speech at Vex Worlds 2017 supposedly fighting sexism in STEM that had one too many references to throwing like a girl. And as you can tell my photoshop skills are on point.
Throw like a girl.png




Okok, but you have a slapper. Puncher gang does not accept you


Fine! Then I won’t accept punchers in my gang!
Strikers OP! (Slapper sounds weird.)


Laughs in Double Catapult


how about clapper?


Clapper? How does it clap though?
Maybe Kicker?


whapper then?


Or whacker?
I don’t know. Striker and kicker make the most sense.


I called mine a kicker when I still had it. For a short time it was a PAC-MAN, but that doesn’t really apply to yours.


I would think Kicker would make the most sense, but striker sounds cooler. I honestly have no idea why slapper is the first thing that pops into peoples heads. The 7110 guys called it a slapper a couple times, I guess thats where it started. Still doesn’t make sense to me though.


slapper sounds funny tho.


Had to be done
Robo legends slaps balls.png