turning point meta

ok but can we just take a moment to discuss what this year’s meta is if it were me I’d have to say it’s indefinitely a double catapult with either a dr4b or an elevator lift for caps with a;
4 motor drive
1 motor lift
1 motor cap manipulator
1 motor catapult
1 motor intake

On the discord lots of people are saying for ball only 6 motor drive and a 1 motor intake then 1 motor laucher(normally doubly catapult)

I don’t really see the point in a 6 motor drive. I’d much rather use the other 2 motors for something else. A 4 motor drive is still extremely strong and can pretty much do everything that I’ve put it to.

I’ve noticed that bots that focus on doing one thing do much better in most cases, however I’ve also noticed that being a specialized cap bot means that you don’t do as good in the qualification rounds do to the fact that you rely on you’re but will usually end up getting picked by a good flag bot

Robots battling for supremacy within a thick fog of Anti-static spray.

yeah that makes sense my only concern is what’s the point of having a 6 motor drive when you could use two of those motors to address the caps and obtain the ability to manipulate them in a way that is more effective than whatever you could do with them with a rubber band intake in reverse. we currently have a robot that drives like a charm on four motors and then has 1 motor on the lift and 1 on the cap manipulator

i like what you’re saying here, and this was what we tried to do at the last competition we attended this year but we ended up picking up a clawbot for elims and then carried them to the finals:/
the only thing i object to is the fact that if you specialize in caps you’re ignoring 15 potential points on the flags and only really gaining 6 points by putting them on the flags, I believe it’s better to specialize in balls and have the ability to put those caps up top, but moreover focus on flags and then flipping the majority of the caps to your color on the ground

youre missing miscelanious balls randomly projected at obtuse angles and oversized pancakes flipping rhetorically

I agree. Like most people are saying, a four motor drive is a good number, then you typically have one for the shooter and one for the intake if you’re a double catapult, one more for an angle adjuster if you’re a puncher. That leaves two motors to play with for a double catapult and one for a puncher. Now I really like that over head cap scorer system that’s going around right now, because of how little resources it takes to build. That’s what I believe the meta will be . Specialized in one thing, but still have tha capabilities of the other, 929U is a good example of this.

I think that 2BCs will reign in fully specialized flag bots, but single flywheels will be more common in dual cap bots due to their space efficiency.

agreed. the final matches of worlds will either be between 4 dr4b’s with single flywheels, or between two teams of specialized bots. I’m hoping the second, would be more interesting.

I agree in hoping for the second, another fun matchup to watch is dual flag bots vs flag bot and cap bot.

I’m rooting for a 2bc to make it to final match.

I think it’s almost no question that one of the world finalists will be a ball specialized bot. The question is whether or not the bot that takes care of the caps will have a shooter.