Turning Point Motor Usage

So I just wanted to spark up a conversation and collect some ideas on the usage of the v5 motors. I would like to use pneumatics this year and I know that I can have 6 v5 motors and 2 pneumatic actuators. I was thinking about design and I might use a bulky base, pneumatic cap flipper, flywheel ball shooter, and an elevator lift with passive cap claw. Considering the v5 motor strength and speeds compared to the 393 motors, how many and what type of motors should be used for each mechanic? Share your thoughts!

a 6 motor drive, and a pneumatic flywheel.

Just want to clear this up. you are allowed 2 reservoirs. no limit on actuators.

2 motor drives will be fine with v5
probably 2 motors for an elevator (i think that it may be hard to get fast enough with 1)
1 motor flywheel (assuming your aren’t doing more that half court shots)
that leaves 1 for manipulation or other uses like wrist rotation or intake/ feeder for your flywheel.

elevators just eat a lot of power though. if you could do a 6 bar instead, you could easily power that off of 1 motor with lift aid. that leaves you more flexibility especially with such limited amount of motors for your design.
something to consider.

One idea I had is to make a robot that can only do caps and/or defense, as below:

4 motor drive
2 motor lift
1 motor claw
1 motor rotation for claw

This way, we would be able to turn caps really well, and could also do a lot in terms of defense, because 4 v5 motors is around 10 or so 3 wire motors. As such, we would have a lot of power. Also, 2 v5 motors would be super powerful for the lift, being the equivalent of 5-6 3 wire motors. Ideas?

@Forrest Keller That is a good idea but I am just wondering if 4 v5 motors may be a bit of overkill for the drive. I guess it would work well with fighting over platforms and such, but I think 2 motors would do just fine. Also, I know you said your configuration specialized in caps, but I think that in the later season like near state competitions, it will be “required” to specialize in every game piece in order to do well. @Fusion shared a cool configuration that does everything and also utilizes pneumatics, which I am interested in exploring this year. Thanks for your thoughts and hopefully we’ll find definitive answers when the v5 system arrives!