Turning Point Objects

Hi all, I just wanted to start a conversation about the objects in this upcoming game. I have attached Appendix A.

Cap- Weighs 335 grams
Ball- Weighs 55 grams
VRC 2018-2019 - Appendix A.pdf (2.77 MB)

Is there any added weight in the caps, such as in the mogos for itz?

Are you talking about how the mogo has the steel plate in the bottom?


No, they do not have the steel. I am basing this off of the fact that last year’s appendix accounted for this, and the caps this year only weigh about 3/4 of a pound

They must be straight plastic then.

I believe you are correct, two plastic halves, joined by screws.

For anybody who needs a comparison,

VEX In The Zone

Cones: 118 grams
Mobile Goals: 1.68 kilos