Turning Point passive claw

This is a concept of our passive manipulator let us know what you think.

Very nice. I wonder about one of two things based on flipping:

  1. If it’s tough to open, can you open the flipped manipulator with the cap on a pole without lifting the cap off the pole?
  2. If it’s not so tough to open, will gravity not open it up right after you flip the manipulator?

I really do like the design. I just expect nearly every lift in the match will also involve flipping.

If you flip the claw while the cap is in it will it open?

  1. yes it can reopen on an already scored cap

yes it does as of now it is just designed for field play

I think you misunderstood my question based on your second answer. I was asking if you pick up a cap and flip it over, so the intake is upside down, will it fall out? And if it doesn’t, can you get it off the scored cap now that the intake is upside down? I figured one of those two would likely be an issue.

So it looks like the answer is the cap will fall, never getting on the pole.

I still like the design.

Hey I’m just curious,
Does it close automatically or do you have to push something to get it to close?

It automatically closes when the cap touches

Oh yes I did misunderstand it can’t flip caps on poles right now we are working on that

Nice design!
How did you get such a reactive claw? ( How did you get it to close after only hardly touching the cap)? I saw that the cap hits the gussets to close the claw, but my mind also went to it being tensioned shut with something like rubber bands.

probably HELLA rubber bands

If you used a motor to rotate the claw, wouldn’t it be impossible to release a cap when its facing up?
Although this could be solved by rotating it upside down every time before you want to flip a cap.