Hello everyone,

For this season I was thinking maybe a compact DR4B on one side with a claw taking up half the space and the other side taken by an NBN style Omni wheel shooter Seems like its called a Flywheel. (Sorry I only started robotics from itz)with an H shape chassi with V5 motors
4 Chassi
4 DR4B? They might be enough with 2 v5 Motors
2 Shooter?
1 Shooter adjusting? For Middle flag or High flag
1 Claw

EDIT: Just realized that only 8 motors are allowed… SO!:
2 Chassi
2 DR4B
2 Shooter
1 Shooter adjustment
1 Claw

I seriously have no idea if this will work or not but here.

PS. Will V5 be availible on Robot C too still?



For the record, you’re gonna be limited to 8 v5 motors should you choose to use them


v5 uses the VEX coding studio, RobotC isn’t compatible


When people don’t read motor limits…


@MayorMonty @Dromeda Oops! Seriously? V5 only 8 motors. I’m so dumb. Should read the V5 stuff then… Thank you still.


@Easton So I have to learn how to use VCS then…


If you make mechanisms that perform multiple tasks at once, you should be able to accomplish a 4 motor drive easily with V5.


I would also like to say that the new system will probably be released later in the season, so I think we should continue with the V4 with 12 motors until we can actually get them hands-on.


There was a quite a useful mechanism revealed last year actually, although used for a different application it’s theoretically extremely useful for this years game to.


Yeah but it shouldn’t be too hard, it has block coding now


@[TVA]Connor @9065_Parker What do you mean by multiple tasks at once? Do you mean one motor doing two things? Do you mean thislink text?


@Easton Yeah. But I feel better using Robot C. As @[TVA]Connor said, we should use V4 until mid season probably then.


As in multiple mechanisms (like a rubber band roller and conveyer belt) that use the same motor or set of motors connected with gears or chain and sprockets.


I mean one motor used for multiple subsystems.

yeah kinda like that but more advanced


@[TVA]MarshalM @9065_Parker Oh I get it.




PROS is a pretty neat language to use. But I personally will use cortex this year and switch next season.


How similar is c++ to robotc? or is it easier to just learn another programming language


It’s basically the same, but some of the commands are slightly different.

motor[drive] = 127; becomes setMotor(drive,127);

Stuff like that.


Huh? You see to be explaining how similar PROS (using C) is to RobotC. C++ looks a little different. I’m not sure what specific bits of VEX C++ will be, but expect to see commands like motorN.setSpeed().