What mechanism are you talking about here? :thonk:

you dont need a separate mechanism to adjust your shooter if you are using a flywheel.

Or Robot Mesh Studio (supports V5 beta today).

You might be able to get away with 1 v5 motor on your DR4B, and assuming you’re using a puncher, you could get away with 1 motor as well (mine works with just 1 v4 motor). That’d leave you 2 extra motors to play around with

I’m trying to get away with a 1 393 motor dr4b… it is possible with sufficient banding

Personally, a DR4B is overkill for this game. if you have adequate spacing for a dr4b, you can definitely fit in a 6b that will reach the same height, albeit without the linear motion. A 6b is also much lighter than a DR4B, meaning that running a lift by a single motor should be no issue.

DR4B is fine imo. Not necessary, but allows you to advert making a dedicated aligner. Also, you can most definitely make a 1 393m DR4B if you plan ahead for it, brace, and adjust your spacing and weight accordingly.

6-bar is fine imo. It’s lightweight and simple. You most likely will need an aligner for it tho, but it works

What do you mean by an aligner? Personally, this is the first time I’ve heard that term being used in this game for a lift…

Something to align yourself with the post. Non linear lifts like 6-bars need it because of the horizontal distance gained when lifting

Ah, thanks for the clarification. While that could be in handy, trying to fit that into the front of the robot and have it not expand past 36 inches and not interfere with an intake would be pretty tough. It’s not a bad idea, but it seems a bit hard to implement if you don’t have much space.

I don’t see how this would interfere with the 36" limit. It’s just a little concave piece in the front of your lift. Many people had them in ITZ and just had it flip out at the start of the match. And it’s most definitely needed unless you want to spend a ridiculous amount of time scoring a cap on a post

@NightsRosario That is why we also built a DR4B. The STAR Academy Scrimmages showed how hard it was to score the caps. So we are trying to make a DR4B and intake so that when the robot slams perpendicularly to the wall and the DR4B goes down, it scores perfectly. Also, our DR4B only takes 6 inches deep in and we are using a hinge to deploy the intake. And we still have 5 inches left for the 36 inch limit.

Another benefit of a DR4B is this years game is that is allows you to grab a cap off of the high post, bring the lift up a bit, flip the cap, the and put it back down on the high post. This it not achievable with other common lifts like a 4 bar, or 6 bar since they can’t go that high, Its also worth mentioning that a DR4B goes up twice as fast compared to other lifts.

Generally, yes.
But for this season game, it is just a max expansion of another 18”. The difference in timing as compared to other Lift systems is not that significant.
What I am saying that if there are teams that are facing problem with building a dr4b, then they can also consider other lift systems, the time saved from troubleshooting the dr4b can be better used for driving practice.

A DR4B with the same gear ratio as a four bar would go up twice as fast, but it also has half the torque (if the bar lengths are the same). It’s not like using a DR4B gives you twice the power.

That is true, but a cap isn’t that heavy, so having half the torque isn’t that big of an issue

I think you missed the point. Since they are handling roughly the same load, you can gear the four bar differently than the DR4B. This will make up most of the difference. The basic idea is as follows:

Same maximum power from motors.
So if m is approximately the same, then the minimum ∆t to raise to some height h is approximately the same.

It’s a little more complex than this. For example, the different parts of the lift have different masses and don’t all rise the same amount to lift the load to the same height. There are some other issues as well. This why I wrote “approximately” a couple times. But ultimately the point is that a DR4B built to raise a given load is really only roughly twice as fast as a four bar built to raise the same load if you don’t know what you’re doing with a four bar.

Oh. Thanks for clarifying it.

8 motors for the v5 system
12 motors for the old system