Turning Point season code request

As I have for the last three years, I will be collecting code from this years season that teams may want to contribute to a public github repo. I usually make this request after worlds, but figured I would remind you all before the big event this year. The code can be in any language and is not limited to those teams participating this week. Either attach a zip file of the source to this thread or send me a link to a repo I can fork. Please, no PDFs or word documents. For teams using VCS, send the .vex file and I will convert to source for the archive.

(and little did I know back in 2015 that three years later we would have a product called VEXcode, the repo names have no relationship to that)

code from the past three years is here


worlds is over for EDR, anyone want to share their code ?


Here is my teams code…


As always, my code is in a public github repository located here: GitHub - Marsgate/cadmus5.0: Vex Team 574C code for Turning Point. Programmed for V5 with PROS. (yeah we skipped 4.0)


I plan on reusing much of my code next year, so I’m not going to hand it over just yet, but I’ll probably publish it when I graduate 2 years from now.