Turning Point Skills Strategy

There isn’t a thread yet for this, so I’ll start one. Personally I think that the best strategy is to go for flags because a. you can possess two balls compared to one cap and b. Lower point flags are easier to hit than caps are to flip. What does everyone else think?

I think the faster you can hit all the flags and move on to caps for stacking, the better. But I’m not good at skills, so please correct me xD

I’m going to be a bit bold and say we will see perfect driver scores in skills this year, but programming skills will be very difficult. The last “shooting” game we had everyone got their points from the preloads which obviously are non existent in this game, but the great teams almost cleared the nbn field in driver. As far as programming skills I would say that caps and parking take higher priority, but I say go for it all in driver. A great team should be able to clear the flags in less than 20 seconds, then it will come down to efficiently scoring all the caps.

Technically with the right arm you might just flip the kap while you put it on the pipe. 4 of the keps already count for points at the beginning.

No, all caps are turned the opposing color for skills.

I was under the impression that the color didn’t matter at skills. Thanks for clarifing

If color didn’t matter in skills, the flags would be basically pointless. All you would need to do to get a perfect score would be put the caps on poles and then park on the center platform.

I suppose I guess the year I watched skill was in Skyrise when it didn’t

It worked that way last year as well, so I don’t blame you.

2 of 4 caps on each side are prescored for the opposing team. the other 2 of 4 have the home team facing up, but have balls under them so arent scored by default

Actually no, during skills all the caps are blue side up, and the flags are all blue as well. Everything else is the same though.

Oh shoot my bad, sorry.

If everything is initially blue, does that mean you need to score everything as red to get points, or can you load the caps and call it a day?

You need to score everything red to score points.

I think very early season people will just be flipping caps on the ground and doing low and medium flag and parking, but as the season goes on its going to turn into First all flags then all caps then park. Flags are definitely easier to trigger than the caps and placing takes more time too.

are the flags going to be scored all blue in the beginning as well or will some be scored for no team?


I’m not sure how flags will be set up for skills… Mabye all will be neutral?

In a Robot Skills Match, all Flags begin the Match Toggled for the blue Alliance, and all Caps start with the blue side facing upwards. A Team’s score for their Robot Skills Match will be determined by how many points are scored for the red Alliance at the end of the Match, i.e. how many Flags are Toggled to red, how many Caps are placed “red-up”, if the Robot is Alliance Parked on the red Alliance Platform, etc.

There you go, straight from the appendix.

and you can start from any starting tile of either color.

What is the best way to earn points in skills in turning point