Turning Script (Blocks)

Does anyone know why this script for turning isn’t working? I have absolutely no clue why it won’t. (I’m not that skilled at using vex)

It could be that if else because that else is empty

It also could be because you used “= 100” and “= -100”. The controller might not always go all the way to 100 and -100. I would recommend using something like “>95” and “<-95” to help fix this issue.

Edit: It could also be because of the “driver” broadcast never happening. Make there be another indicator of the “driver” broadcast happening such as when I receive driver spin motor 1 forward.

As @Redbluebear132 said, it could be because of the empty “else”. You could fix this by using “if” blocks instead of “if else” blocks.

You might want to try printing your controller’s position, and try going far right and far left. Check what values they go to, as they might not quite reach 100 perfectly. As @Some_random_person said, you might just want to use a “>” or “<”. Just check what your controlling is outputting, first.

By the way, why set turn velocity to 0? You aren’t turning anyway.