Turning the Robot Room into a Hurricane Shelter

So, what do Vex teams do to wait out a hurricane? Turn their robot room into a shelter with water, grills, generator, etc… And since plywood is a scarce commodity, you take your field apart and use that to board up the house :slight_smile:

And I gotta admit, the air cleaner we bought for those noxious stars from starstruck is doing wonders for 5 people and 3 dogs in a tight space :wink:

Stay safe everyone.

Attached, before and after:

Looks like a plan! You are in our thoughts in Gainesville.

be safe

I really like this. To everyone who’s been/being affected by these hurricanes: you’re in our prayers

Smart Idea. Good Luck and Stay Safe!

That robot room shelter looks like a great idea, @TriDragon!

We’re praying for you, and for everyone else who will be or has been affected by the hurricane.

P.S. As for my team, my family and I are staying at a relative’s house in Central Florida, and our students are staying with relatives in other states.

Smart idea! Looks like engineering can help in all cases. I’m thinking good thoughts for you today.

  • Milo from 400M, Galveston

Sorry you’re going through this! Hopefully the storm will weaken and you will just use the extra time to make a Killer robot.

Is that at someones house or is it a school?

Thanks everyone for the prayers. Praying Naples and Central FL teams are ok, fortunately this hurricane lost some steam.

@Jmidd13 that is our house where the robotics team meets.

@claymarks Hey Milo! Great to hear from you, so much fun at the finals with you guys at Worlds. Definitely using the time to build our MS IQ bot.

Stay safe!

Little late but stay safe and have fun with your “Hurricane Party”.