turnRight and other calls with degrees do not move the correct degrees

Hi. I am new to Vex robotics. I am using the standard drive base. It seems to drive fine, but when I tried out the samples and my own code for turning, the robot does not turn anywhere near the correct degrees. For example it moves around 30 degrees instead of 180 degrees. I have also changed out the motors in case that was the problem. Is there some encoder setup I need to do or something?

What you are probably seeing is the motor is turning 180 degrees, not the robot. What programming language are you using?

I am using RobotC Graphical version. I thought if you set it to degrees instead of rotations it would calculate the correct motor movement to make the turn. I am using the standard drive base and have it set up that way in the sensor and motor setup.

No, the degrees are rotations are always with reference to the motor. Robotc has no way of telling what kind of Robot you have.

Good to know. Thanks!

I don’t know much about ROBOTC on VEX IQ, but every Robot Mesh Studio development environment (including Google Blockly) has an option to create a Drivetrain object which you can then use to turn the robot by a certain number of degrees. The easiest way to see this in action is in our Hour of Code project (https://www.robotmesh.com/hoc2016), just click on “Program a Virtual VEX IQ Robot Online.” The turn-by-degrees demonstration is in the fourth page.