Turntable Bearing

My team is looking at a three different designs, simple to complicated. The complicated one would use a turret or swivel for the cone manipulator. We’ve seen the chain and sprocket turret designs, and a have an idea for another custom build, but am wondering what the capacity of the VEX Turntable Bearing is? Has anyone tried these with an aluminum DR4B or equivalent type of mechanism? If you have experience with this part could you please share it with us?

The load capabilities on the turntable are not as great as the regular 60 tooth gear. It can jump a bit.

How big are you talking? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NBs2NPZ9Euk

The vex turntable is pretty wobbly when you put a small arm on it, and that would be much worse with a full DR4B on it. You need a custom bearing that has a much larger area of support.