Turntable type flywheel

Hi. I have heard people talking about making some type of turning flywheel, or a flywheel with the intake being the botton, and it can turn. I am wondering if anyone has a design like this already made, so i can see what people mean. I get the main idea, but I do not get how to line up the pancakes so they are stacked, and I do not get how you are supposed to get a flywheel to work, as I thought it needs motion before it gets launched too.

The rotating turret idea is probably a no go this year because there are discs. They used the rotating turrets in the past because the orientation of the balls didn’t matter because they’re, obviously, spherical. You should check out other threads for details or go on youtube. Explore the forums; there definitely is a thread with your answer!

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Feeding a turret is definitely possible with discs, it’s just going to be hard to figure out how to do quickly and reliably. I think the best way to feed a turret that needs to be able to traverse 360 degrees (or close to it) is going to be pushing them up through the turret ring while they are horizontal as then it doesn’t matter what direction the turret is facing, the disc is the same all around.
It’s not easy making a feed system that works that way, but it should still be a lot easier than trying to feed the discs vertically.


Turret can definitely work this year, we’ve been trying to figure out a proper design but it’s in the works. I think the main concern is going to be wire management.


My main concern is going to be intaking the discs correctly into the turret.

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A turret with a limited hood adjustment could definitely work, but I’m not so sure about a 360-degree one. Almost anything’s possible if you put your mind to it though.

Anyone considered feeding it in the side? Have a circle with a slot all the way around that the disc fits through horizontally and stick it in, figure out how to pick it up after that.

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