Turret Shooter Concept

Hey all I am not competing this year but I want to hear your thoughts on this shooter concept (can’t CAD well so I have to describe it with words)

Circular base (struts)
Chain/Tank Treads wrapped around it
Two motors with sprockets to rotate the base
Vision sensors to lock onto the goal

Attach a flywheel mechanism on top of it but with a hole underneath the flywheel (something like this vex spin up robot shoot 2 motor flywheel demonstration - YouTube but with a hole underneath and a little smaller)

Have your intake lead to a “plate” that can stack the discs, and a piston activates the plate to push up the discs into the turret.

(I found this video that visualizes the turret well All About The Robot - VEX Nothing But Net 323Z Pre-Competition Reveal - YouTube)

I believe this and a piston angle adjuster would make cycling very easy since theoretically, you can shoot while driving and you don’t need to turn each time + align to shoot.
and if you add an X-Drive + bumper intake this might be an insane bot for early-mid season.

Any feedback? if something doesn’t make sense LMK :slight_smile:


Very interesting and cool idea.

Have your intake lead to a “plate” that can stack the discs, and a piston activates the plate to push up the discs into the turret.

My issue with this is that when the plate is pushed up in order to shoot the disks, you can’t intake more disks, thus reducing the cycle speed by a lot. Also not sure if the pneumatic cylinder will have enough force to push the plate, and the disks. If you use multiple pneumatic cylinders, a lot of air will be used.

I think this is viable for early season, but not much later than that, because you can’t intake while shooting, greatly diminishing the entire point of having a turret, cycle speed.


Well you could still hold discs in your intake and it will just be held up/blocked and you can only hold 3 right, a lot of air will be used but I think there might be enough (and elastics can help) it’s more of cycling 3 at a time so if someone did test this they could try to test the efficiency of a normal shooter vs the turret (you also need to account the time of turning and aligning if you aren’t using a turret)

I have concerns over motors. With 2 motors on the base and one motor on the intake you would be left with only motor on the flywheel which over heats very easily. Another concern I have is the loading mechanism itself. Once you get the disks up to the flywheel level you still have to push them into the flywheel because you won’t your flywheel to have compression and thus pushing them in from directly under is not viable.

That’s 4 motors… what about the rest?

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Other 4 motors for drivetrain


Just an addon: if someone is playing defense on you the turret helps.

That depends. A turret is a complex piece so ramming pinning and other defensive actions could mess with any sort of auto-aiming and the proper functioning of the robot.

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assuming your auto-aim is good


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