TVA Application Forms For Freshmen (Closed)

Hello Everyone,
We would like to announce that TVA would like to invite Freshmen teams into the alliance for the Turning Point season. If you, who will be competing for the first time in High School, is interested in joining the alliance, go ahead and read below:

Information about TVA:
The Texas VEX Alliance organization has helped over 5+ first-year teams into the alliance, and was incredibly successful. The majority of TVA has qualified to the World Championship, and we’re planning to go further this year. The plan for TVA is to mix teams of all competitiveness to provide multiple solutions to a problem, in which a TVA member may pick the solution they would feel is the best option for their team.

Must be a freshman from September 25th, 2018 to the entirety of the Turning Point season. (AKA must be a freshman for the majority of the Turning Point season)

NOTE: TVA does not care about how competitive or uncompetitive your team has been in the past if your team did compete in VEX EDR or VEX IQ during Mieddle School. Only 3 Freshmen teams will be accepted for the Turning Point Season. If accepted into the alliance your team MUST have a satisfactory amount of activity to stay in the alliance. You do not have to be in Texas to join.


Does the entire team need to be Freshmen or does just the person applying need to be?

“You don’t have to be in Texas to join the Texas Vex Alliance”
200iq alliance name bro

yeah might want to rethink the name

The team has to be freshmen.

We’re still calling it the “Texas VEX Alliance” because it originated from Texas.

We may be changing the name in the future though…

Is this application international?

Yes it is. But currently we closed applications until the first competition to get a baseline of how well students will be during the first one, as well as we will be having a bit more slack on teams that aren’t freshmen when it’s opened up again.

My apologies for not saying this when we did close the applications, we make decisions fairly quick.