TVA Applications Open - We Need New Teams!

As worlds 2020 was cancelled, our alliance has noticed a drastic amount of seniors graduating their spots from the alliance, opening spots for newcomers to join and take place in the alliance. We are always open for applications, but at this moment we are not just open, but highly more accepting to teams at this point and time. We ask for you to take advantage of this moment and apply. As TVA is a resource-rich community, with expert-level assistance in PROS and VEXCode, World-Winning Engineering Notebooks from 2019 VEX Worlds, strategy help, and build quality assistance, we want to prioritize those with motivation to be better engineers of VEX.
Note: If you do not believe you are “not qualified” to be in TVA, bear in mind that we are a more holistic alliance, and are accepting to teams of all competitiveness. Emphasis to you, freshman! Please apply!
Note2: Our movie and game nights are really fun :wink: