"TVACast | Season 1 | Episode 2" Trailer

Going live on Sunday, April 22nd at 1:00 PM CST
Make sure to fill out the form if you want your reveal to be in the stream! :wink:
Deadline for the videos will be 4/20 at 11:59 PM CST
EDIT: Also forgot Nathan from 7447C is not listed in the video, but he will be in the stream as well.

Just to clarify is the deadline for videos 11:99 AM or PM?

Fixed, sorry my bad xD
Idk why i put it as “11:99”, I didnt see that error when i was looking through my message before i posted it lol

When you think TVACast says VCATS and you become overwhelmed with excitement but are ultimately let down…

But cool idea tho

I have mixed feelings about your post. Should I take this as a compliment, insult, or something neutral?

@[TVA]Connor Our reveal may be done by then, but would it be worth submitting it since we won’t be at worlds? Seeing as the point of this TVAcast is to discuss worlds strategies, and meta and stuff

Yes, we would be perfectly fine with you submitting your reveal :smiley:

I would say neutral personally. You can’t really blame someone for being excited about a VCAT reveal lel