TVEX 9090C Revealed


We are 9090C of TVEX! :slight_smile: You may recognize us from the past three world competitions. If not… well, we’ll be there this year, too, so make sure to say hi!

We decided to release our robot designs.

We have an intake roller at the front that connects to a conveyor belt behind it. After the conveyor belt, there is a tray that can store sacks, and we can score from there using a gate that opens or closes the tray. So, we can score from both the front and the back. Our lift system is a scissor jack, and we use four mecanum wheels. Our robot can go under the troughs.

Pictures are attached.

Enjoy! And please comment what you think! Suggestions, questions, criticisms, etc… feel free to post them!

Andddd more pics. :smiley:

Wow! This looks like a very innovative robot. I take it that sacks spill off of the tread-conveyor and onto the polycarbonate, and then the door on the back opens to score? Very original, thanks for sharing!

A lot of changes since Dallas! Are you going to Lawton or Austin on the 2nd.?

Yes, we changed a lot.

Going to Austin. Are you?

You are right.

We had signed up and paid for Lawton before we saw the Austin event so we decided to go to Lawton. It is a large venue with around 70 teams last I looked. Enigma will be in Austin as well so you should have a great competition. By the way, Enigma won the Excellence award today in New Orleans, so you will see them in California as well. It was great to see them get it, they are an awesome team and certainly worthy of such accolades. We missed taking the tournament finals with them by 1 sack but it was an awesome day anyway!

Sounds like it’s going to be a fun event :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to it. Good luck in Lawton.

Those pictures were actually taken before the Dallas event. So the current iteration is actually closer to what we had at Dallas. But we’ve made lots of changes to that design too. (Went through about 4 different chassis designs in the last month)

We have been through several different chassis. None of them were perfect. This one worked very well:

This chassis would credit to team 4194B.

We look forward to seeing you guys in Austin!

youtube link :
planetary chassis 1.jpg
planetary gearset 4.jpg

do you have pneumatics in your planetary drive?
and the 6 wheel holo is impressive!
keep it up (y)


No pneumatics in planetary drive.

Here is one of the games in Austin Competition on March 2:

9090C Blue on the right field.

Strong work, We are really impressed with that stacking on the high goal. They set on there neatly and were not likely to get knocked off. Most of the high goal scorers we have seen dump them in a pile and they end up on the ground by the end of the match.

Thanks, we found that if we placed the matchloads neatly stacked and kinda vertical then they would stay stacked. Now if only we could do that with non-matchloads…

It was cool seeing your robots in Austin, really cool robots indeed! Congrats on the innovate award!

Thanks, it wasn’t the best day… we suffered constant circuit breaker problems. Nice job on winning the Design award, hope to see you at worlds!

I know what you mean. We ended up completely rebuilding our drive throughout the day (never got it working perfectly). You played a very smart game in the last finals match, it was very close!