TVEX-C Teaser

Just a thread where I may sporadically post teasers for our robot.

We were registered for the Houston competition this Saturday, but since most of our team members are busy, our first competition is actually November 9 at Austin.

Anyways, the first image is below.


For release scaled.jpg

Wow so in detail. :cool::cool::cool:

Look! It’s a Nobot :confused:

Maybe we need a VEX Nobot Showcase for these and other posts like it…

Good luck for the competition, whatever it is you’re taking!

Actually, I see mecanum wheels at the top of the picture. Nice!!

Those wheels were 12 inches above tiles.

The dog looks excited.

the robot is hanging cool…

So given there are 2 BuckyBalls pushed into the corner is this a high hang during autonomous? With or without large ball?
Also you should check your field setup. Looks like you’ve got red and blue starting tiles switched.

Thanks. You are right. We will switch it back.

Not high hang during autonomous. it had big Ball.

Cant wait to see it! TVEX never ceases to amaze:)

Looking forward to meeting you guys too. Our first game will be in Austin on Nov. 9. Will you go?

Intake design

Nice programming skills run guys. I’ve only seen the score but that’s impressive enough.

Great job Tiger! We will see you next weekend at Lake Highlands.

We were very successful in Austin yesterday, receiving the robot skills, programming skills, and excellence award, and losing in the last finals match by one point after the vexnet key got ejected off our robot.

High Hang Teaser:

I look forward to our next competition, which is next week in Dallas, Texas.
Hopefully I will be able to raise that robot skills score some more.


Very impressive! I’d love to see the whole run :slight_smile:

Very nice :wink:

I’m guessing you high hung in each of the skills correct? Your lift is 1:7?

Yes, we did hang during those skill runs.

Congrats! Your scissor lift was very impressive. We hope to see you again soon!

Thanks. Congratulations to you too.

Your robot has very unique design. And very powerful too.