TVEX-C Teaser

The lift is 1:7, with four motors.


And do you use pnuematics for locking when you hang, or do you have some other passive device? How heavy is your robot?

No pneumatics, they’re kind of heavy. Our robot is about 12-13 pounds, and the gear ratio is *technically *7:1.

-Lucy, Programmer

I thought it was a little over 13 pounds? It’s a non-pneumatic lock.


How are you guys locking your lift?

We had an advanced self-locking system.

After we won an Excellence Award in Austin, 9090C won another Excellence Award plus a Tournament Champion in Lake Highlands Toss Up Competition on Nov 16. Our program(38) and robot skills(53) score dropped to the valley. There were lots of good robots in the competition, like Ironwave 26, AustinCan 2158M, Omni 4000, …

In this season, the robot we built was the simplest robot we have ever built. Here is the 9090C robot:

2012 Gateway chassis + modified Gateway intake
2/3 of 2013 Sack Attack Scissor lift
Assemble them together.
Added two hooks for hanging.
Then, battery, rubber bands, and controller with Robot C. No fancy pneumatics(heavy and expensive).

Function and fact
Weight: <14 pounds.
Dimension : 17.5X17.5X11 inches
Cross bump forward and backward only, no side way cross
Go through 12-inch height barrier with any directions.
Able to pick bucky ball and big ball, but don’t know how to toss them.
High and low hanging with or without ball.

2013 TVEX 9090C toss up robot

Simplest design is always the best. Can’t wait to see you guys again in Greenville!

Looking forward to seeing you guys too.

One of 9090C hanging design which is automatically activated by scissor slider.

Intake design;

Tvex9090 were practicing

That looks great! Be careful on the bucky ball autonomous. Once you pick up three, you can’t touch the one on the other side.

I guess we will have to wait until Jan. 11 to see you guys. :frowning:

Thanks. Looking forward to meeting you guys in Jan.

so hey we have a scissor lift and it is now in a new iteration. So we did some calculations with excel, and since your robot seems to have a rather effective scissor lift we decided to use it for a comparison and we found that your lift shouldn’t work with its 1:7 gear ratio, in fact it should not be able to work. So i’m curious whether you have had problems with being able to hang under these conditions?:slight_smile:

Their scissor lift is powered by the new VEX Helium - you should try it, really cool stuff.

I’ve heard it gives +1000 horsepower - even more than VEX Flame Decals

In all seriousness, you should probably recheck your calculations - their robot has been working extremely well with what you think is an impossible ratio.

I’d be rather interested in seeing how exactly you came to that conclusion…

I can assure you that the lift in fact does work, extremely close to 100% of the time. We have been to two events so far this season, and we hang in almost every match; every attempt to hang was successful.

In fact, the lift should work fine even with a 1:5 ratio, it is currently 1:7 for hanging and reliability. A variant of the lift from the Sack Attack season worked fine with two motors and a 1:7 ratio.

So yea, no problems whatsoever.

Hard to answer your question without see your design. Scissor lift is more difficult to build than 6 bar. We spent lots of time to figure it out.

Lol…wish I had a dollar for every minute I have stared at a scissors lift trying to figure it out. Congrats on figuring out the puzzling enigma that is the scissor lift. We’re close but have been close before.

lol, we keep figuring…