Twin triggers on Hexbug Gatling gun

With the lack of a VEX Hexbug section (a @DRow oversite to get fixed after he gets done with the 2022 game) I have a Hexbug problem.

We all can build a base with two motors each facing away. To go forward on motor goes clockwise, the other goes counter clockwise.

Mount the motors. They then connect to the “trigger switches” You do one + to the battery then - to the motor. The other is - to the battery and + to the motor. Mounted side by side, pull both back, robot moves forward. Push both and the robot goes backwards.

I put a bar in the front and back. Pull the bar, the bar pushes both triggers, robot moves forward

Back bar, push and the bar pushes forward moving the robot.

If the front bar is fixed to the left trigger, pulling the left trigger pulls the left trigger and the right robot moves forward. But because the right trigger isn’t attached (Bar is infront) the right trigger can be pulled and the robot can turn left (right wheel spins).

But I can’t figure out how to get the linkage to work so I can turn right with the left wheel spinning, Since I pull the left trigger (and the bar) both wheels move.

I’m sure that this got solved in the 1800’s but I’m not coming up with it.



I’m prob not qualified for hexbug, but chain?

also google might be a powerful ally

Hexbug is the lawless empire where anything does. We have chain, how do I configure it?


uh, uhm welp

just connect the chain to wheels and attach dat to wheeels