Twisted Axels!

Looks like we are making Candy Canes or Drill Bits with our axels, Due too our 6 bar lift !
IMG_3211 2.JPG

Time to move to high strength shafts!

The distance from the drive to the lift on the shaft is too far. The transfer of power over that tiny shaft is too much. Try attaching the arm directly to the big gear and reducing the side to side distance from the motor to the 12 tooth gear.

well at least you have some nice drill bits

Along with what @Team80_Giraffes said I would also recommend increasing the amount of surface area that supports the lift on the axle. Too much stress on a small area will result in the axle twisting if it’s not able to bend.

I had the same thing happen but not in the same way. Last year in NBN my team had a single flywheel. we geared in up. I put a cordless drill on it and let it go to town after that our flywheel didn’t work . That is when we found a shaft that looked just like that.

Yeah, one of my friends had a gear box with four motors. The axel got twisted so hard because he was using too much tension and carrying too many stars. It’s now their trophy but a reminder.

Ended up with a mechanism of death by one of our sister teams last year. Managed to destroy 2 axles by bending both of them at a 45 degree angle and then making screws out of the other end. Lesson learnt, don’t do that again!