twisting shafts

Will a 10 x 1/2" hex shaft twist? I am designing a catapult and wondering if I can run a 10" unsupported shaft and not worry bought it twisting. Heir is the shaft, this is NOT for VRC it is for FTC.

Anything can twist if you use enough force.

Thats right

In my experience with NRL and just 1/2in shaft in general, you should be more than fine

Depends on what kinds and amounts of torque you’re expecting to put on the shaft. Anything can twist given enough torque, like @NightsRosario said.

I can’t see an application in FTC where you would have that much torque, FRC is a different story…

We dubbed our team “The twisted shafts” for a reason…

VEX shafts? I have twisted a few.

OK, that answers my question.

Every season, one of our teams always manages to twist a shaft or 3

I agre, but I don’t think you know how strong thesis shafts are (not that I know).

It’s always possible, however highly unlikely that a shaft that thick will twist.

should we use shaft encores or go off a time based automous

Use the red shaft encoders, not the ones that go on the motors.

Time varies as your battery voltage changes. So encoders give the best reference to where you really are.

Shaft encoders are good for measuring multiple/full rotations while the potentiometer is good for an arm with less than 270 degrees of movement. IME’s can be good too but can be subject to electrostatic discharge causing Cortex resets.