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Hello, I’m a new person competing in the Vex robotics competition. I recently found events which were due to happen in China however couldn’t find the streams, on robot events. Is it true that some tournaments simply don’t have streams or score updates to the public? And if there are streams is there a way to replay the Stream on twitch TV, because I’m not sure if it saves the Streams on their website. And are there other external sources which lead to Streams?

Honestly, the vast majority of tournaments don’t have streaming just because the level of effort to get a solid streaming option is more than an Event Host is capable of providing.

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I think it must depend a lot on your area. In San Diego all of our events are live streamed with scoring. Our events stream at SUHSD STEAM on YouTube

There is no requirement for events to be livestreamed.

There is no requirement for scores/rankings/etc. to be actively uploaded during tournaments.

There is a requirement that qualifying tournaments have to upload scores/rankings/etc. within 48 hours of the tournament.

Twitch does save replay-able videos on demand (VODs) of streams if the option is enabled by the user streaming.

Some tournaments will also or instead upload livestream archives to YouTube.

If nothing else, you can record the stream yourself for a personal copy you can play back later (such as with Streamlink).

Thanks for the extra information. But does were does it upload them? I usaully don’t see videos of entire tournaments on youtube.

If you go to the “Videos” tab on a steamer’s page, you will find any public past broadcasts there.

Note that (a) Twitch stream archiving is off by default and (b) for normal Twitch users, past streams are only kept for 14 days.

I enabled stream archiving on the WV Robotics Alliance Twitch page for the first time at our off-season FLL invitational 3 weeks ago. It did work as advertised (the videos were archived, and playable after the event) but a fair bit of the audio got muted by Twitches copyright-recognition system, and the full archives are now gone since it’s been more than 14 days - the only items left in our ‘videos’ tab are 30 second clips people marked while the stream was live. Those appear to be kept indefinitely; I can still see some clips from past events in December 2018 and March 2019.

I have also gotten into the habit of archiving all our Twitch streams on my home server using youtube-dl. This has been working quite well, and I will continue to do it in the future, although I will probably also leave Twitch’s archiving on in case I forget to record a stream live for some reason.


To avoid this, consider using music from Ninety9Lives, NoCopyrightSounds, and others specifically advertised as safe for videos/streaming. Both 99L and NCS provide free music; all you need to do is provide attribution.

Alternatively, just use Pretzel Rocks — it will take care of attribution for you through a chat bot.

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